Rousiamanis Family


“Our beautiful grandson and nephew, Jack, was born this January. My daughters and I wanted to hire a doula for my son and his wife because although having your first child is the most incredible and exciting experience, it can also be scary and stressful.

An expectant mother can read every book and listen to every other mother’s stories, but nothing really prepares her for exactly what happens during pregnancy and childbirth. Doctors and nurses are wonderful for all that they do, but they tend to have several patients and cannot devote the same time to the patients that a doula can. We believed that Renée would add invaluable support to my daughter-in-law during her experience. We knew that she would be there with her and my son during the labor and delivery. We knew that she would provide them with guidance on getting through it calmly and knowledgeably so that it would be a better experience for them both.

We were all lucky enough to spend some time with my daughter-in-law while she labored with her doula present. Renée was nothing short of amazing – experienced, attentive and caring. My daughters and I were so happy that we were able to provide my son and daughter-in-law with a doula, and my daughters even wished that Renée had been working as a doula back when our children were born!!”

Cindy, Proud Grandmother Christina and Tia, Proud Aunts