Mary Fiore


I hadn’t had a doula with my first child, and didn’t know anyone personally who had one either. I did some research and realized that I needed a doula in my life! I turned to a local mommy page for recommendations.

Renee’s name came up several times and I figured I would give her a ring. From the moment she answered her phone, I liked her. She was so warm and receptive and reassuring! When I met her in person it was as if I had known this woman my whole life. She just radiates with care and personality! Her smile is infectious and her laugh is contagious. I hired her immediately!

The next few months went by and I called on her time and time again for support. And each time she was there for me with anything I needed- comfort, talking, pain relieving massages, essential oils, pie (who doesn’t love pie!) – you name it and she was there. She demonstrated such patience, strength (physical and mental!), and loyalty to me during my last pregnant months and we excitedly approached my birth.

We were hoping for a vbac, and Renee helped me learn all aspects of a natural, med free birth (which is what I wanted!) she taught me so much about a mothers body, about breastfeeding, about bonding with my baby. We covered so much and with each new fact and bit of information she made sure I understood what we spoke about. I truly had complete trust in her from the get go. Labor came, and so did my doula.

We went to the hospital and she was there, holding me, rocking with me, coaching and encouraging me. She kept my husband and I laughing and smiling the whole time! It was the most incredible beautiful drug free experience of my life. I didn’t get my vbac but she was with me for my surgery and after and emotionally held me together. And she’s been with me every since! She continues to provide support and care to this day. She will always be my doula from now until forever! Highest recommendation possible! You will not be disappointed. She’s a rare gem!