Maria Michel


Getting Renée to be part of the journey of our first baby was the BEST choice we could have done, and we would do it all over again with her!!!

We came across Renée through a post I had done on Facebook.  I had made the move from California to New York being 6 months pregnant to be finally settled in one place with my husband (who is from NY).  My post was on the breastfeeding group of Staten Island, and was about reaching out for mommy groups and any suggestions in assimilating to Staten Island.  One of the ladies on recommended getting a Doula, and for her to be Renée.

I had no idea what a Doula was, so I decided to research it and getting in contact with Renée.  After our first meeting with Renée, my husband and I knew IMMEDIATELY we wanted her! She gave us a sense of confidence and security. Being pregnant can be a scary and nervous thing waiting for the big day to be parents.  Renée had all this wealth of information but the way she presented it, calmly and experienced, made us feel beyond comfortable with.

My husband and I both expressed to her that what we wanted a supportive and calm birth experience, whatever that would look like.  It was also important to me for my husband to have some sort of support through this journey, (he is the only child and parents are much older), and Renée did that.

On the day of the “Big Day” things did not go as the three of us had planned, but Renée was a savior on that day! Here is why; it was decided on that day, October 6, 2015, (5 weeks before my due date), that my little guy would be born due to my high blood pressure.  As soon as I arrived to the hospital, Renée was waiting outside for me, (my husband was on his way back from Virginia).  The moment I saw her face I felt a sense of relief, someone I knew and trusted was there, and it meant the WORLD at that moment.  She kindly helped us refocus our birth plan and prepare for what was ahead. She knew us, had invested the time to know us and knew what kind of birth experience we wanted, but she also knew the Hospital and procedures, so she was not afraid to share unbiased, evidence based information on what could happen.  I completely let go and put ALL my TRUST and FAITH in our new plan, and so did my husband.

She had prepared us beforehand for any possible scenario, and we knew anything could happen. Once I was admitted and my husband had arrived, Renée navigated us through to make sure our needs were met.  My husband till this day says he can’t imagine not having Renée at our son’s birth.  He felt calm and confident, but most important in the “zone” with me, supporting and being right next to me. He knew if he needed clarification or affirmation Renée was a glance away.

After the birth of our son, my blood pressure was still not stabilized and not seeing him was not helping.  Most importantly I was worried about my colostrum and my son getting it as his first feed. Renée made it happen! She guided my husband in helping me get the colostrum out and assisted him in giving it to our son, for his first feed.  Who would have ever done that? (keep in mind that unfortunately nobody in the hospital offer that help) We are forever grateful to having her be part of our journey, and by far the BEST decision we made in having her be part of it!!!!!!