Mama Goose


I first contacted Renee soon after learning I was expecting-in need of some posititvity. She was THE person to call. She fairly radiates with joy, especially when discussing babies and young children. She really was able to provide exactly what I needed at that moment – ENCOURAGEMENT. It was my third child, but I was overwhelmed – it had been quite some time since my babydays, and starting all over seemed scary – so did childbirth for that matter. Maybe because of my previous labor experiences. Well, by month five of my pregnancy, I had lost my job, and life just seemed to snowball with comoplications. But Renee continued to radiate like a burst of warm sunshine in my life, and always with loving – yes, once again – ENCOURAGEMENT. I still had not decided whether to have her attend the birth. I was hesitant for so many reasons, including wondering if it would make my husband feel less part of the process. I remember she came by one afternoon in late September and gave me a hug and said “let me know if you want me there no pressure”. That very evening, in the wee hours of the morning, my water broke. Could I call Renee? I hadn’t even made any definite arrangements with her as of yet. I sent her a text that my water had broken. Even though it was nearly 3 am she called me back. I was scared – my water had never broken with my earlier pregnancies, but Renee was there on the other end of the line to offer ENCOURAGEMENT. She arrived at the hospitaljust after we did. Throughout my very long labor, she provided amazing support and ENCOURAGEMENT. She actually helped my husband to be more involved. Her demeanor was loving and helpful, yet professional and confident.

The day after I came home, she brought us a huge pot of soup! She has continued to be of assistance even until now, with my daughter’s latching difficulties, and as always, LOVING ENCOURAGEMENT. Renee is an amazing person with whom I will forever share a special bond. – Brigid