Lynda Coscia Benedict


As a first time mom, I was very nervous about having a child and what the labor/delivery would be like. After meeting with Renee and learning more about the assistance a Doula can provide, my husband and I were excited to partner with her. Since we both work full-time, Renee was very flexible and able to work around our busy schedules. She was always very approachable and responsive when we had questions or needed help. Renee is very trustworthy and her welcoming personality made it easy to communicate with her. She was also very patient and taught us a lot (sometimes repeating things over and over for us). She also provided helpful handouts, links and emails to help us with the learning process. She brought up different scenarios and prepared us for everything – never trying to persuade us but rather educated us on all our options. One thing that I really appreciated was how she spent time speaking with my husband and preparing him for his role in all of this.

During labor, Renee came over to our place and helped tremendously with pain management and provided emotional support. During delivery, she partnered with my husband to support me and helped empower me when I was at the point of exhaustion. After the baby was born, we had some trouble latching in the early stages of breast feeding. Renee provided suggestions that some of the lactation consultants had never even heard of. Renee’s techniques helped correct the problem and the baby got the very important colostrum milk. Additionally, in the first couple weeks, when I was sleep deprived and in pain from nursing, there were a couple times I wanted to quit because I was frustrated. Thankfully, Renee was there to coach me through it.

In summary, working with Renee was an incredibly positive experience. My husband and I are forever grateful for all her guidance and support during the most special time in our lives. She is very passionate about her work and we highly recommend her.