Lisa Michael


“As brand new parents we didn’t know what to expect once our baby arrived. Having a new baby would be a huge life change for us since we decided to have a baby “later” in life after we had been set in our ways and really “carefree” in our lifestyle.  I’m 39 and although through the years I had a lot of experience with children, I knew it would be a whole different world to have one of my own.  I researched post-partum doulas and after coming across Renée’s name in several different sites, we decided to contact her.

We met with Renée at our house and I knew instantaneously she was exactly what we were looking for.  She has a very calming demeanor about her and is very soft spoken.  Renée is extremely knowledgeable in what she does and was able to answer every single one of my questions.

Renée really made my day’s post-partum so much more relaxing and comfortable. She literally would help in every aspect you can imagine and really takes interest in the mommy’s well-being and is so amazing about it without overstepping in any way.  From using essential oils on me to cooking breakfast to taking the baby out for a stroll…Renée does it all.

In addition, I’m a breastfeeding mom and was having a bunch of issues with the baby latching and I was ready to give up.  Renée was hands on with this (literally ;)) and made the entire process so much better and relaxing.  She also suggested I look into whether my child had tongue tie and lip tie, something I’ve never heard of and recommended a doctor who performs the procedure without cutting.  This helped my situation ten-fold.

From an emotional perspective, Renée really listened to my experiences and feelings and really helped put everything in perspective for me.   I literally cried when we reached our last session.

Long after her services to me were over, Renée reached out to me at a critical time when I really needed some help.  Through conversations with her and her great network of resources she helped me thru a hard time on a Saturday night when I’m sure she had family obligations.

I cannot recommend her enough and regret not using her services as a doula when in labor as well. Renée will forever remain close in my heart and I will forever be thankful.”