Kara McManus


Renee played such a huge and positive role during the birth of my first baby 8 months ago. Using her as my doula was one of the best decisions of my life. She was my guardian angel, cheerleader, advocate, rock, and during the pushing stage, literally an extension of my body. I was confident in her abilities during prenatal visits because she has a lot of tricks up her sleeves regarding positions during labor, acupressure points to help deal with pain, aromatherapy, etc. and she had come highly recommended from a friend who’s birth she had attended. She and my husband formed this power tag team and I have never felt so cared for and protected. When my waters broke and my midwife wanted to induce me, despite our plan to have a drug free birth, Renee gently reminded me of the birthplan and came to support me during the discussion (in which my midwife agreed to let us go home from the hospital). My labor lasted a couple days and Renee was with my husband and I every step of the way-driving home from the hospital, into Manhattan for acupuncture, to the Brooklyn Birthing Center and back to the hospital-helping me through contractions with acupressure, massage, and plenty of encouragement. During the pushing stage, Renee ended up on the hospital bed behind me, shoulder to shoulder and would push with her legs against the back of the bed to help me curl my body down, because I was losing steam and the doctors had given us a time limit. She would whisper into my ear, exactly what I needed to hear, “You’re doing this,” “you’ve got this” and was nothing short of supportive and encouraging. She is strong as an ox despite being a small person–trust me, this is important when trying to get a big pregnant lady into a new position. After the birth, she helped me through breastfeeding difficulties and some postpartum depression issues. Renee is so passionate about what she does. Without a doubt, she was born to be a doula and I’m eternally grateful she was mine.