Jessenia Colon


I would like to start off by saying that on behalf of myself, my husband and our daughter, we are so thankful to Renee for the support, education and quality of service that she provided during my pregnancy and delivery. It is rare to come across a service provider who sticks true to their word and goes above and beyond the terms of their contract to give support to a client, but Renee does this. She took the time to answer all of our questions, educate us on the birthing process as well as breastfeeding assistance at whatever time we called. Her method of instruction and skill is amazing. It was because of her that I felt the confidence needed to go through the birthing process, to believe in myself that I have the ability to overcome what so many first time moms fear – the pain and the unknown. Renee took the time to teach my pain management skills and made herself available to assist in any way. On the day of delivery, Renee came as soon as she could to the hospital to assist through the transition. She worked tirelessly to help my daughter change positions and manage the pain and discomfort as much as possible. What she taught my husband during our pre-labor time together gave him the confidence to be a great coach, and Renee stood by our side during delivery, never once making my husband feel inadequate to the coaching task yet available to provide whatever support he needed. I had some breastfeeding issues and felt that I had failed as a mom in that area, however, Renee helped me to see that what makes a mother is not her ability to breastfeed but to do whatever is necessary in order to provide for my child. Renee consistently made herself available to try different methods in order for me to breastfeed my daughter and when those methods were not as successful she gave me the emotional support to move on and select the best for my daughter in terms of formula. Renee was a true gift to our family.