Dana Sinclair


It is my honor and privilege to share my experience with Renee as my doula. As anyone could imagine, the whole experience of giving birth is a bit stressful but, I found the perfect doula that made the experience memorable. Renee has a warm and easy-going nature and has a very caring heart. During labor she was calm and soft spoken, letting me know what was happening and how to move through the pain. She massaged my back and feet and certainly made me feel more relaxed and comfortable. She was by my side and encouraged me every step of the way. Even after I gave birth, she stayed with me at the hospital for as long as I needed. It didn’t end there. She often stopped by my house to help me and teach me the basics, from nursing to diapering to swaddling the baby. I am grateful to have had her for a doula. Renee possesses outstanding qualities-she is loving, kind, gentle, and extremely supportive. I highly recommend her for she is a wonderful doula and a beautiful person. Without a doubt, I will be using Renee in the future, and I can’t imagine going through a second pregnancy without her.