Dana Giuliano Spinelli


I was skeptical about hiring a doula for my birth, but I’m so glad I did! Not only did Renee provide support, but she really listened, was so personable, and helped to alleviate my fears of the birthing process. She provided home visits pre and postpartum and was available by phone 24/7. Renee was available when I needed her most and I am so appreciative of the care she took to make the birth of my daughter as stress-free as possible. Her massage oils and techniques, assistance with the doctors and nurses, and just her general positive attitude made the entire birthing experience more enjoyable. One important factor that sold me on hiring Renee was that she created a judge-free zone where any decisions made prior to or during birth were understood and respected. I had read that some Doulas would judge specific choices (i.e. natural vs. epidural) made by families so I really felt comfortable having Renee by my side. Postpartum, I am grateful for the support that she provided with breastfeeding and making sure that my daughter and I were doing well, even after several months. Renee is a great resource and I highly recommend hiring her if anyone is in search of a caring and knowledgeable Doula.