Courtney Parmigiani


After a previously traumatic birth experience, I began my second pregnancy with high anxiety and fear that this birth would not go well again. I had educated myself since my first birth and decided I needed to hire a doula. Renee was recommended to me by many mutual friends. The moment we first met, she brought such a calming, confident feeling and my anxiety and fear melted away. Knowing I would have someone so experienced and knowledgable to guide and support me was invaluable. Renee further educated my husband and me about our options and rights. Renee’s presence and knowledge gave me the confidence and peace of mind that I would be in control of this birth. Renee was readily available before, during, and after the birth for anything I needed – even a shoulder to freak out on! She joined me as soon as I asked during labor and supported my husband and me throughout labor and advocated for me in the hospital. Renee was an integral part of helping me succeed in having a completely natural, peaceful, and healing hospital VBAC. She was so supportive and helped me succeed in breastfeeding and transitioning into our new family. 10 months later and Renee continues to be a friend and support for anything I need. I can’t thank her enough.