Ariana Golub


“Where to begin?

When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I needed to get someone on my team to get through the next 9+ months of my life.  I’m not a “sit back and let the doctors tell me what to do” type person.  I like to be educated BEFORE I get to the doctor so that I know all possible options available to me.  Especially since I knew, from the start, that my goal was to have an unmedicated labor!

I met Renée through a friend but when I spoke to her about her approach to families I knew she was the right doula for me! She’s all about education – the WHATS and HOWS of labor as well as what to expect along the way and during the “BIG DAY”!  Despite her living an hour or so away, Renée still made herself available and even drove to us for our in person appointments!  She never hesitated to answer questions and concerns.  More so, when answering questions she didn’t say “this is my answer and you must take it as THE ONLY answer” she asked questions back and help guide me/us to the answers that felt best for us.  She really helped guide me to the labor that I wanted.

Then came the big day- Renée was on the road in our direction at 2am (or whatever time it was – it’s hard to be exact considering my state of being at the time!).  She arrived and was ready for action – and action is what she got! But she was there – supporting me, supporting my partner in supporting me and never once taking over like it was her show.

Her approach to support during labor makes it feel like you have someone by your side but not getting in the way of the moments that are meant for you and for you and your partner.  My labor was a very long 33 hour process and Renée stood by our side the ENTIRE TIME!! My mom, who was skeptical of us using a doula (because why do you want someone besides your mother with you?!?) was beyond grateful for Renée and finally understood why we chose her.

I cannot thank Renée enough for everything she has done for us!  She continues to check in with us and I truly hope she will continue to be a part of our lives as our son grows – and when I have the courage to bring another life into this world!!”