Ana Tiwathia


I immediately felt comfortable with Renee, like I had known her for years. I hired her in my third trimester and I wish I’d done it sooner. It was my first pregnancy and I had some logistical complications that were making me anxious (changing doctors in the 7th month, living in 2 cities 9,000 miles apart, etc.). Her knowledge and positive, warm spirit put my mind at ease and made me feel excited and capable about the journey and challenges that were to come.

She was a calm, reassuring presence in the delivery room, and very supportive in the weeks after my daughter’s birth. I knew (and know, still) that I could email, text or call her with any questions, however small. She was also helpful in reinforcing and focusing my communication with my husband during this period.

I highly recommend her to anyone who is having a child – first, second, third, tenth! Every woman should have a doula.

Ana Tiwathia, Brooklyn 2015