Dad’s Reviews


Here’s what dads, who have hired Renée, are saying about Tribe of Mine!

“Before meeting Renée I didn’t even know what a doula was. I had no understanding of the importance of a doula, or the role they could play in the birth process. After learning more about the significance of a doula, speaking with Renée, and hearing her perspective, it became clear to me, and to Amanda, that including her in the birth of our daughter would be a great benefit to us. During our first consultations […]

Renée is incredibly loving and nurturing.  She was very present and aware of our family’s needs and it was only natural we ask her to be our doula again for the birth of our second child.  Renée  is the perfect investment for any family to make. To the mothers, there is nothing like one mother talking to another.  My wife could relate so clearly to Renée and hear things differently from her than she could from me.   To the fathers, Renée […]

Having Renée be a part of the birth of our daughter was the best decision we made! As a husband I knew my wife really did research on all things when it came to the birth of our child especially after the long journey we were on. We had 5 miscarriages over three years and 7 doctors before getting our miracle baby. My wife is very into the organic and healthier choices and more holistic ideas, […]

Being a first time dad, isn’t an easy thing during pregnancy and postpartum. First off, it’s weird because you kind of don’t really feel like a dad yet. Your Wife or Partner are going through all these different phases of pregnancy and birth that you really don’t understand so having Renée was a plus for both of us. She guided us through the whole process from start to finish. I would highly recommend Renee because […]

Its quite difficult to imagine the value of someone or something before you know that your first child and every child is priceless. My wife and I had decided NOT to use Renee until 5-7 hours before our daughter was born. My daughter , my heart, my soul , our everything. Initially, we were given a quote by Renee not knowing how truly important she would be as catalyst to the most important moment of […]

My wife and I had our first baby last April, and we made a last minute decision to have a doula for the labor and birth process. We called Renee two days before my wife’s due date, and she was at our apartment the next morning. We spent the morning chatting and getting to know each other and we were instantly impressed with Renee’s warm and caring nature. We asked her LOTS of questions, and […]

Renee was great- she knew how to manage the inevitable ups and downs of the hospital environment. Moreover she was helpful without imposing her opinions on us even a little bit (something I am utterly incapable of doing) really impeccable poise if thats the right word? She knows when to act and when to wait. She knows when to ask and when to suggest. She knows the drill. And she lets enough of the drill […]