Ron W


My wife and I had our first baby last April, and we made a last minute decision to have a doula for the labor and birth process. We called Renee two days before my wife’s due date, and she was at our apartment the next morning. We spent the morning chatting and getting to know each other and we were instantly impressed with Renee’s warm and caring nature. We asked her LOTS of questions, and each answer she gave us made us that more confident and prepared. In just a few hours, with her positive attitude, knowledge and experience, Renee put us infinitely more at ease for what was to come – more than any book we read, and we read a lot of them. By the afternoon, my wife had contractions and before we knew it we were headed to the hospital. My wife went into labor that night and delivered our amazing baby boy at 8am the next morning.

I can’t put into words how thankful we are that we made the decision to call Renee. Nothing quite prepared us enough for the intense, amazing and surreal experience, but having Renee at our side the entire time provided us, especially my wife with the comfort and confidence we needed. When Renee came to our apartment that morning, she had no idea that she would not leave our side or sleep for the next 24 hours – this did not in the least bit affect her ability to take us through the entire labor and delivery process. On a few occassions we were presented with options by our Dr. and Renee very quickly helped us understand the ramifications of each decision we made. She also created a calm atmosophere for my wife the entire time with exercise techniques and lavendar oils.

My wife and I sincerely believe that Renee’s professional care, guidance, and encouragement paved the way for what was a smooth and beautiful delivery. We are FOREVER grateful for what she did for us.