Rocco Berardi


Its quite difficult to imagine the value of someone or something before you know that your first child and every child is priceless. My wife and I had decided NOT to use Renee until 5-7 hours before our daughter was born. My daughter, my heart, my soul, our everything. Initially, we were given a quote by Renee not knowing how truly important she would be as catalyst to the most important moment of our lives. Hours before Etra (our daughter) was born Lisa (my wife) exclaimed to me for help and guidance. I tried my best but there was something missing. We needed help. We needed a peaceful setting. We needed the very person we decided not to use to SAVE MONEY. Lisa called Renee in the middle of the night exclaiming from her pain and agony of the labor birthing process. Renee picked up the phone and needless to say has been with us every single step of the way. She has not only become someone we will certainly use in the future, she has become a true friend. I can only say that anyone considering a doula should strongly consider this kind and warm heart that truly gives 1000% to the task at Hand making the birthing process seemingly effortless. I stand behind my comment so greatly that anyone reading this post can call me or my wife personally and we will tell you how important this woman/wife/mother of 3 is to us FOREVER.