Mario Nicolaou


Renée is incredibly loving and nurturing.  She was very present and aware of our family’s needs and it was only natural we ask her to be our doula again for the birth of our second child.  Renée  is the perfect investment for any family to make.

To the mothers, there is nothing like one mother talking to another.  My wife could relate so clearly to Renée and hear things differently from her than she could from me.   To the fathers, Renée is the investment in your wife’s and your own sanity.  When your wife’s emotions are running wild and fear is taking over Renée is there to walk her through it.   From the
pre-birth visits to the after birth counseling she is all in.  Renée is a wealth of information and loving support.

I appreciate Renée so much and highly recommend her.  Some may not think there is not a need for a Doula.  I say, it is a great investment, which is why we made that investment for both of my daughters in working with Renée.  We love Renée !