John Buonsante


Having Renée be a part of the birth of our daughter was the best decision we made!

As a husband I knew my wife really did research on all things when it came to the birth of our child especially after the long journey we were on. We had 5 miscarriages over three years and 7 doctors before getting our miracle baby. My wife is very into the organic and healthier choices and more holistic ideas, so when she brought up things we can do to be more in charge and in control of our birth plan, having a Doula came up.  I of course not knowing anything about having a doula needed to be informed.

When my wife set up a 3 hour course with Renée I at first was a little hesitant, but when Renée came over I immediately felt this woman is someone trustworthy and good at what she does. We got to spend the first hour getting to know each other and let’s just say after 20 minutes of having her explain what she does we wanted her to be part of the whole birthing process and hired her on the spot!

I don’t think I personally would have made it through the delivery especially after the 48 hours labor, we went from a natural child birth plan to; inducing, epidural and emergency C-section.

Renée said from the beginning she doesn’t make medical decisions but she helps make things clear and gives us the space and time to control the environment. She was with us every step of the way all night helping massage Natalie, coaching us, keeping us focused and strong. When things turned to the C section she helped us make sure we understood what was happening. When the drama happened and we were in a state of panic when the baby ended up in the NICU Renée kept us focused on the positives including focusing Natalie on breastfeeding knowing important steps that we needed to do for the baby.

                                                           I would have not made it without her!

Not being as strong as my wife and what I just went through in the operating room I almost lost it! Well, I did lose it – Renée kept me strong!

After all that is said and done our baby is fine and Renée even went out of her way in the follow-up postpartum visit and I know she did more than she was supposed to. She was one of the best decisions we ever made through all this and to think at one time I didn’t know what a Doula was!  Now I can’t imagine not ever having a Doula for our delivery!

I am forever thankful for her and now consider her a great friend! We will definitely have her at our next birth!

John, Natalie & Aria Buonsante