What’s the Process?


step-1As a birth doula, I meet with the expectant family prenatally to explore their birth preferences, and learn what is important to them. I offer evidence based education and guide families on how to apply evidence based care so they are educated and empowered for a safe and satisfying birth experience.

step-2In labor, I draw upon my skills and experience using a variety of techniques including, but not limited to, gentle touch, acupressure, aromatheraphy, positioning suggestions, relaxation techniques, visualization, positive affirmation, helpful breathing recommendations and birthing tools to help labor progress as well as possible. I do not replace the partner or other family support. Instead, I seek to guide them to be as supportive as possible during the birth.

step-3I will join the laboring family either at their home, hospital or birth center and remain with them for the duration of their labor, whether that is 6 hours or 26 hours, until a few hours after the birth, offering a continuity of care that is not often offered by the clinical birth attendants.I will support a mother’s desire to bond and breastfeed ensuring comfortable nursing relationship for Mom and baby or, transition family to recovery immediate after birth so that bonding and rest can take place.

step-4Finally, will follow up with my clients in the immediate postpartum period to see how family bonding and breastfeeding is coming along, recap their birth journey and answer any questions they may have related to my role as their birth doula. I happily provide basic newborn care instruction and reminders for a healthy postpartum transition for their growing tribe.

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Families working with Tribe of Mine are welcome to stay in touch with me for the first year of their baby’s life and parenthood FREE of charge because we all know, it takes a village!