Mom Q & A


Q. How do you differ from a midwife?
A. Doulas and Midwives are quite different! A midwife would be your medical care provider, diagnosing, treating, evaluating and recommending a course of care and treatment for you and your baby.

A doula, on the other hand, is a non-medical support person and doesn’t replace your healthcare provider. This means, your doula would not perform clinical tasks, such as blood pressure, fetal heart checks, vaginal exams, etc. Your doula will provide a continuity of care and extra special treatment from the moment you go into labor to helping you get acclimated at home during the first few weeks of motherhood.

As your doula, I am motivated in getting to know you and your personal needs and birth preferences! We build upon our relationship through; your prenatal meetings in the comfort of your own home, weekly conversations, video-chats, walks in the park, having tea together – even preparing your baby’s nursery. You’re welcoming me into your sacred space and I treat it as such! I will be your confidant, ally, encouraging you every step of the way to develop the experience you wish to have.

Q. What is your role during labor?
A. In labor, I draw upon my skills and years of experience using a variety of techniques including, but not limited to, gentle touch, acupressure, aromatheraphy, positioning suggestions, relaxation techniques, visualization, positive affirmation, helpful breathing recommendations and birthing tools to help labor progress as well as possible. I do not replace the partner or other family support. Instead, I seek to guide them to be as supportive as possible during the birth ensuring your birthing wishes are carried out.

I provide a continuity of care that only a doula can truly fulfill.

This is why any woman having a doula will benefit, keep her calm and balanced.

-Pamela Hunt, CPM The Farm

Q. How soon after I find out that I’m pregnant should I contact a doula?
A. You should contact a doula as early as possible. The earlier you hire a doula the sooner you will receive the information and education you desire for your pregnancy and birth.

Q. How will you work with me and my partner pre-birth?
A. Think of me as your personal tour guide to a long & awaited trip. As your tour guide, I will educate you and your family in a variety of areas but not limited to; stages of labor, comfort measures, breastfeeding even your rights as a birthing family.

You’ve heard about this amazing place from a friend or two and now you are ready to go! You’re doing your research, googling the best places, spots you absolutely have to see (or avoid) to really make the most of this once in a lifetime journey. But, you don’t quite know the language of this beautiful place, so you’ve hired a local trusted resource to help you navigate this terrain.

We will continue to build a strong and trusting relationship where I will take the time to listen to your intimate needs, your driving forces and the most important topics you want to share. I will help you explore these topics inside and out so that you have the information you need, feel physically and emotionally strong and are excited to welcome your baby.

Q. How do you support breastfeeding?
A. As a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor (and a Mom who nursed her three babies) I offer a continuity of care throughout your labor. I will quickly and accurately help you optimize your breastfeeding relationship after birth. We’ll gently initiate the mother-baby bond through hands on support for the first few hours of your baby’s life. This will ensure a comfortable and successful latch.

Approximately 2-3 days after giving birth, I will meet with you in the comfort of your home to see how breastfeeding is progressing, gladly answering any questions you might have. Going forward, I will provide realistic reminders to ensure a relaxed and confident breastfeeding relationship.

Should you require more support, I am more than happy to provide additional in-person visits.

Q. Do you help post-partum?
A. The postpartum period starts as soon as your baby is born. Therefore, birth doulas provide immediate support once your baby has arrived. This includes ensuring breastfeeding has been initiated and bonding is taking place. Using gentle pressure and essential oils, I will increase your comfort levels while providing emotional support. I will ensure you are refreshed with fluids and food to nourish your body after all of your hard work. Lastly, I will provide some easy reminders for the next 2-3 days while you’re in recovery.

Approximately 2-3 days after your baby has arrived, I will meet with you in the comfort of your home to see how you are adjusting physically and emotionally after labor. Again, I will offer gentle touch, a healthy snack and discuss your beautiful birth story. I can answer any questions you have. Finally, I will provide practical suggestions to you & your family on how to comfortably and successfully transition within the first 6 weeks.

Should you require additional services like breastfeeding support or Mommy Confidence Check-In’s, You are welcome to invest in additional packages to satisfy your needs.